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What is MontanaView?

MontanaView is a consortium of universities, non-profit organizations and government agencies working within Montana to advance the availability and timely distribution of remotely sensed data.

Supporting Remote Sensing


  • To advance the availability and timely distribution of data by maintaining an archive of publicly available satellite imagery for Montana.
  • To advance remote sensing through education and outreach in the public and private sectors.
  • To advance remote sensing and sustainable technology transfer through research.
  • To build the MontanaView consortium through development activities that increase the organization’s visibility and draws new members.

Hot Topics

  • Earth Observation Day
    April 11, 2012 -- The 2nd Wednesday in April is officially established as the annual EO Day!  The fourth annual Earth Observation Day is sponsored by AmericaView and MontanaView in cooperation with the USGS. AmericaView's Earth Observation Day is supported by a website that offers a wealth of educational resources.  Listen to a podcast about Earth Observation Day here.

Recent News

  • Remote Sensing Teacher Institute
    June 27 -- June 30, 2011
    Learning and applying remote sensing technologies:  This four day workshop introduced and taught the principles and hands-on applications of remote sensing that can be incorporated into classrooms.  The Remote Sensing Teacher Institute was held in Livingston, MT at Park County High School.  For more information or future trainings, email either Van Shelhamer or Christine Sommers-Austin.
  • Discussions of Climate Change from the Indigenous Perspective
    April 30, 2011
    This one-day symposium introduced and discussed the issues of climate change and the impacts, both potential and real, affecting indigenous peoples in the northern hemisphere.  Please see the conference web site for more information.
  • Calling all teachers! MontanaView has put together some new learning exercises that feature satellite images of Montana. You can download these materials from our education page.